June 1, 2023 Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Isabella by Kate Moore, (world premiere)

Februari 5, 2023 Podium Pakhûs SOLO, Stiens, recital Tonality Flux004 1 Affiche A3 Pakhûs Solo 05-02-23 Scordatura Ensemble.indd

January 24, 2023 Bern, University, Lecture/Recital ‘Tonality Flux’

November 19, 2022 Splendor Amsterdam Lecture/Recital Harry Partch – partners in music, Tonality Flux

October 22, 2022 Orgelpark, Amsterdam Echonance Festival together with Ensemble Modelo62

June 4, 2022 Columbus, Georgia, Partch-Recital for the IVS, Tonality Flux

April 3, 2022  Galerie Marzee Nijmegen Tonality Flux

March 22, 2022 De Link, Tilburg ‘Tonality Flux’ with new works commissioned by Scordatura
Aart Strootman Life, and Death, and Giants (world premiere)
Guy de Bièvre Gorgeous Nothings
Merijn Bisschops Tangents

January 13, 2022 Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam
 Isabella by Kate Moore performed by Scordatura Ensemble, Herz Ensemble and Wishful Singing (world premiere) (postponed)

November 26, 2021 Soundplasma Festival Berlin ‘Tonality Flux’

November 11, 2021 Soundplasma Festival, Tallinn ‘Tonality Flux’

October 17, 2021 Riga Latvia Arena Festival ‘Tonality Flux’

August 27, 2021 Het Cenakel, Tilburg ‘Tonality Flux’ collaboration with Ensemble VONK  (see August 21). Tickets:

August 21, 2021 Studio 150, Amsterdam ‘Tonality Flux’ collaboration with Ensemble VONK;    Merijn Bisschops Tangents world premiere, commissioned by Scordatura. Tickets:

March/April 2021 Studio 150 recording project and concert  cancelled due to COVID19

December 17, 2020 5.00 and 8.00 pm, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Nederlandse première ‘Tonality Flux’
Dutch premiere of Lamento by Kate Moore for Partch instruments/(cancelled due to COVID19)

December 17 2020 Isabella  by Kate Moore (postponed)

November 6-7 2020 Arena Festival Latvia Tonality Flux / cancelled due to COVID19

October 24, 2020 Leuven TRANSIT festival 14.00 ‘Tonality Flux’; Partch and new works initiated by Scordatura, commissioned by Transit Festival: premières of Kate Moore Lamento, Guy de Bièvre Gorgeous Nothings

October 2, 2020 Albi/Toulouse Riverrun Festival ‘Tonality Flux’ Americana


December 1 2019 Microfest Amsterdam Partch lecture-performance in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

November 28/29 2019 Orpheus Institute Belgium lecture-performance

September 21 2019 Colourscape, performance in an inflatable Concert Hall  in the heart of London

September 20 2019 Blackheath Halls, Trinity Laban University workshop and concert, London

August 16 2019 Munganga Theatre Amsterdam Chromelodeon! A new Partch instrument

November 20 2018 Tenney Harmonium (Solo Viola Works) at the International Viola Congress Rotterdam

October 14 2018 James Joyce Festival  Oosterkerk Amsterdam. ‘Finnegan’s Wake’  Cage and Partch inspired by James Joyce

ROSE PETAL JAM -The Amsterdam Partch Project started on May 13th 2017.
In total  we performed 17 concerts in Holland and abroad- For tour dates look here  

June 15 2016 -Korzo The Hague -CD Launch Enclosures by Peter Adriaansz (Ergodos records), with Ensemble Klang and Saskia Lankhoorn

September 3 2016 BBC Broadcast Bobfest Partch performance and interview Rob Worby with Elisabeth Smalt

March 1-2 2016 The world according to Bob

In memory of Bob Gilmore, we were part of a conference: ‘two days of music and talks around the work of Bob Gilmore’
at City University London, 1st & 2nd March 2016
and a ‘night of Irish music’   Café OTO, 2nd March 2016

Scordatura performed 4 times.
March 1 Partch (guest: John Schneider)
March 1 Nicola Vicentino, a second life
March 2 Partch  (with BBC recording)
March 2  Mâche, Vivier and Sabat. (with BBC recording)

The world according to Bob

Programme booklet

29 november 2015 Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam
Vicentino, a second life

The original madrigals in a Scordatura arrangement together with new compositions  (premières mostly) by Anne LaBerge, Linda Buckley, John Croft, Lucia D’Errico, Christopher Fox, Yannis Kyriakides, Scott McLaughlin, Hans Koch, Juan Felipe Waller and Harald Muenz.

June 6 2015
On the ‘For Bob’ memorial concert in Splendor, Amsterdam:  Anne LaBerge Lumps

31 May 2015
Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven (Axesjazzpower series)
Lijnenspel. James Tenney, Harmonium #1; Marc Sabat, Jean-Philippe Rameau; Ig Henneman, Ten Lines (WP); Samuel Vriezen, Vincent, Homesick for the Land of Pictures
with guests Samuel Vriezen (keyboard) and Lucas van Helsdingen (bass clarinet)

20 February 2015
UCC, Cork Ireland (Aula Maxima) FUAIM Friday Lunchtime Concert

A Celebration of Bob Gilmore
Harry Partch, Three Li Po songs, Psalm; Horatiu Radulescu, Lux Animae; Alvin Lucier, I Remember; Lasse Thoresen, Helligkvad; Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Cyan; James Tenney, Harmonium #1
with guests performing I Remember with us: Hollas Longton, Karen Power, Pete Garvey, Ben Schlepper Connolly, James Poke, Conal Ryan, Mary O’Brien, John Godfrey. Sound engineer: Tadhgh Kelleher

“We are saddened to report that the founder and director of Trio Scordatura, Bob Gilmore, passed away last month, and we are unable to offer a concert by the Trio as originally intended and as advertised in our brochure. We would like, instead, to honour his memory with a concert that celebrates his many wonderful achievements in the world of music. The remaining members of the Trio, Elisabeth Smalt and Alfrun Schmid, joined by friends and admirers from around Ireland, will perform a programme of remarkable and beautiful music by many of the composers Bob particularly loved.”

10 November 2014
De Vishal, Haarlem
Phill Niblock, Three Orchids; Aliona Yurtsevich, Twelve Color Sonnets
with the film Brazil ’84 by Phill Niblock and three parts of the film Heroes by Anton Lukoszevieze

31 October 2014
Splendor, Amsterdam
Anne La Berge, Languid Sighs (WP); Yannis Kyriakides, Poco dolce, molto amaro (WP) for trio and coffee grinder; Christopher Fox, dolce… pianto; Samuel Vriezen, Vincent, Homesick for the Land of Pictures; Aliona Yurtsevich, Twelve Color Sonnets (WP); Guy De Bièvre, The Many Gypsies in Me
with Lucas van Helsdingen, bass clarinet, Michiel Weidner, cymbalom

1 October 2014
Orpheus Institute, Ghent
Nicola Vicentino: a second life. Premiere of new project around the sixteenth-century enharmonicist, with new pieces by Christopher Fox (dolce… pianto), William Brooks (After Vicentino), Lucia D’Errico (Madonna il poco dolce) and Harald Muenz (allo studio con Nicola). With Lucia D’Errico, bass guitar.

25 June 2014
CMC Salon, Dublin (Kevin Barry Room, NCH)
Linda Buckley, Dubh; Scott Mc Laughlin, Marx; Scott Mc Laughlin, at least two things; Linda Buckley, their sound is gone out

14 June 2014
Kleine Zaal, Schouwburg, Rotterdam (Poetry Festival Rotterdam)
Samuel Vriezen, Vincent, Homesick for the Land of Pictures (premiere).

30 April 2014
Orpheus Institute, Ghent
lecture/demo on Nicola Vicentino

15 January 2014
Kampnagel, Hamburg (Klub Katarakt)
Phill Niblock, Three Petals (premiere, with Nelly Boyd and Ensemble Neon); Niblock, Tow by Tom (with Nelly Boyd); Guy De Bièvre, Time Zones 0.5 (premiere).
With guests Harald Muenz (clarinet) and Guy De Bièvre (guitar).

8 December 2013
Het Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam
Nicola Vicentino, Musica prisca caput; Marc Sabat, Air–Spit–Tune; Christopher Fox, The Dark Roads part 2; Gérard Grisey, Anubis/Nout; Tristan Murail, C’est un jardin secret; John Croft, Ma quale eclissi v’oscura (premiere); Claude Vivier, Tao tao tao (from Kopernikus).
With guest Fie Schouten (clarinet).

9 November 2013
Artuarium, Den Bosch (November Music)
Anton Lukoszevieze, Skrydis
With guests Lucia Mense (recorders), Carlos Gálvez (clarinets), and Anton Lukoszevieze (video).

26 October 2013
Ensemblezaal, STUK, Leuven (TRANSIT Festival)
Anton Lukoszevieze, Skrydis (premiere)
With guests Lucia Mense (recorders), Carlos Gálvez (clarinets), and Anton Lukoszevieze (video).

18 April 2013
Theater Dakota, Den Haag   (Handmade Homegrown series)
Marc Sabat, Cal Mi Jane (Book 1) (premiere); Christopher Fox, The Dark Roads (part 2); Anton Lukoszevieze, Transmission (premiere)

5 April 2013
Tate Gallery, London (Late at Tate)
Christopher Fox, The Dark Roads (premiere)

8 February 2013
Sankt-Peter, Cologne
Christopher Fox, BLANK; Harry Partch, four Li Po songs; Harald Muenz, stein-sum; Scott Mc Laughlin, at least two things; Marc Sabat, Air-Spit-Tune; Horatiu Radulescu, Lux Animae; James Tenney, Harmonium #1

1 February 2013
Kampnagel, Hamburg (Klub Katarakt)
Christopher Fox, BLANK; Harry Partch, four Li Po songs; Harald Muenz, stein-sum (premiere); Scott Mc Laughlin, at least two things; Marc Sabat, Air-Spit-Tune (premiere); Horatiu Radulescu, Lux Animae; James Tenney, Harmonium #1

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