Bob Gilmore’s presence on the new music scene radiated a unique combination of energy, openness, excitement, critical insight, sympathy and humour. His outstanding biographies of Harry Partch and Claude Vivier, and his musicological and other writings, were all complemented by Bob’s passionate and informed advocacy of an extraordinary range of composers and music of recent times. Much of the music he embraced and wrote about was radically new and highly individual. Latterly, performing and commissioning with Trio Scordatura (now renamed Scordatura), he became directly involved in creating the work he loved.

It was clear, following his death in January 2015, that many musicians felt his work and its implications deserve serious and more widespread recognition. In ‘The World according to Bob’, we hope to encourage that recognition by engaging with his achievements and what they mean for music, musical biography, history and musicology, and also to ask how Bob’s legacy might be passed on for the future.
Our ‘Bob Fest’ packs nine concerts into two days, with music by Harry Partch, Horatiu Radulescu, Claude Vivier, Frank Denyer, Christopher Fox, Linda Buckley and others—many of whom Bob championed through his writings, through friendship, or both.
In addition, there will be eleven short talks from distinguished speakers including Paul Griffiths, John Schneider, Sam Richards and several of the featured composers.
Celebrated performers include Andrew Zolinsky, Anton Lukoszeviesze, Catherine Tunnell, Ian Pace and others, as well as Scordatura itself—the group Bob co-founded.
Over the two days, the programme also includes more than 20 premières by composers associated with Bob.
The finale at Café OTO on Wednesday night—‘A Night of Irish Music’—curated by Ergodos, features music by Jennifer Walshe, Kevin Volans, Donnacha Dennehy, Deirdre Mackay and others, interspersed with readings from Bob’s writings by Toner Quinn and Bernard Clarke.

Here you can see the programme booklet.

Onder deze link vindt u het programmaboek.

brochure BobFest March 2016

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